One Size Does Not Fit All

I am fascinated by religion. Just today, I discovered belief systems I didn’t even know existed until I found myself reading about them. I have always felt a need to belong to a group of people. A tribe.

Yet there is always something about a religion and/or belief system which rubs me up the wrong way, which gives me the itch and turns me away from it. There is not a single belief system I have looked into, in my 47 years on this Earth, which has fully encapsulated what I feel about ‘God.’

So, what are my options? Walk away from it altogether? Find one which gives me a lot of what I need and compromise or set up my very own religion which ticks all the boxes in terms of what I need?

The problem with creating my very own tailor-made religion will be that yes, it will reflect back to me what I am needing but then I won’t have a tribe because what works for me very well won’t work for others and frankly, it would be arrogant of me to dare to even suggest that it might.

Plus, as I develop further as a human being I might have to jettison down the line what could be solid beliefs in the present moment, making what I have put together appear as flimflam which could serve to undermine it.

I am therefore replete with spiritual notions yet with no means to harness them to my own satisfaction. One size in terms of religion may very well work for the multitudes however it absolutely does not work for me.

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  1. Jonathan, I struggle with similar issues. Religions turn me off. Also, I have found that whenever I “go with the crowd,” it never ends up well for me, haha! I love occasional social gatherings — such as going to a winery event or friends’ house party — because I enjoy meeting new people. I even host small parties in my home, but of course those are mostly attended by a small group of close friends.

    When I think of being part of a “tribe,” it never seems to remain the same people. So is it really a “tribe,” or am I following “lines of awareness” in my own life, meeting people who currently align with my beliefs (or lack thereof, as the case may be)? Lines of awareness is very much a Toltec shamanic notion about evolving (or better: constantly re-connecting) our psycho-spiritual relationship with the Divine and dismissing the predator.

    Going back to my Norwegian ancestors, I can see that “tribe” meant a heart-centered (Thor is named for the root word “tor” which means “heart”) community that stood for truth, love, freedom, joy, and justice. And when I say “stood,” I mean that they literally did whatever they physically needed to do to protect themselves, their families, their livelihoods, and their hard-earned food, possessions, and properties.

    Trying to extrapolate that die-hard commitment into today’s emasculated social construction is difficult, because what we see are people either 1) “standing” for their right to sit and watch government sponsored propaganda, or 2) “standing” by protesting government policies and thusly proving that they are slaves to the government. Either way, it’s bass-ackwards, as my mom used to say!

    So, perhaps the process of men and women individuating and maturing as divine sparks of God/Source REQUIRES jettisoning old, worn-out notions and actions, just as we no longer think and act as children, and therefore we needn’t be ashamed of moving along to new “lines of awareness.”

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  2. Hi Sharine, and thanks for replying.

    I had not heard of the term ‘lines of awareness’ before but yes, that makes perfect sense.

    What you have said with regards jettisoning old beliefs and individuating and maturing as divine sparks of God/The Source resonates with me as well.

    I think I’ll always be ‘going it alone’ with regards belief. As an example, I have never believed the soul to be housed within the body. Rather I believe the body to be within the soul. That freaks most people out right away. It’s just something I feel deep down and in the past few weeks with regards Xev, it’s something I saw first-hand. She shed her body a while before she died (I saw her walking about several times independently of where she happened to be situationally located) yet her essence remained untouched.

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    1. Jonathan, there are many spiritually mature people who understand “the body to be within the soul.” The mind, body, and soul are one single complex. This is why MK-ULTRA / Monarch has been relatively successful in fragmenting the entire experience of the human being experimented upon. I say “relatively successful” because it’s obvious that there are countless breakdowns in the programming in the same individual; hence, the fragmentation is not permanent, like the soul, like the spirit. What is enduring/eternal is from Source/God/Divinity; everything else is entropic and must feed off another Life source in order to exist. So, the body is an energetic crystalline structure within and emanating from the soul/spirit, not the other way around. We have been taught that the body “dies,” but it simply changes its frequency/energetic state and returns to the wholeness of the being. Is this what you mean? You can email me if you don’t want to discuss further on your blog post!

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  3. What I believe is that everything is Soul. I am an animist. I mean everything. Rocks, curtains, linoleum, amoeba and then right up to more complex life forms such as ourselves. I also believe that every living thing which has sentience as we understand it, is of the same worth and validity as the most complex organisms. So I am, as one example, no greater than the tiniest snail or thrip. I believe we each have our part to play in the journey to full realisation we term life.

    I believe that one of our roles while here in a body is to as closely align with the wishes of Spirit/The Universal Soul as possible and so when the physical body dies, the essence simply remains. It is not separate from Spirit at all. There is no merging required with the Godhead because the body resides within the Soul and not the other way round.

    If a person is ‘bad’ although that can be subjective, it doesn’t effect the Soul at all because it’s external to the person. The person dies and the Soul remains as it always has done – pure and eternal. The dying away of the ‘bad’ person has no effect on the Soul. If a person however is ‘good’ then that substance gets added to the surrounding Soul at the moment that person ‘dies’ and this ‘stuff’ for want of better words, strengthens the energy field which is the Soul. That’s so Good eventually wins out over Evil.

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