I Am Rather Curiously Banned From Substack

I wanted to comment on a blog entry to discover I am banned at Substack. I have no idea why. I can appeal via a link however I’m not going to. If they don’t want me there and haven’t given me a reason why they don’t, it’s not somewhere I want to be. I have deleted my Substack account today. If you have a blog there and wonder why I haven’t commented, now you know why.

One thought on “I Am Rather Curiously Banned From Substack

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  1. You should definitely appeal. It’s probably just a stupid AI bot that did the banning. The same thing happened to me on Facebook three times: Once in September, once in October, and again last week. The third time, it let me in. Arrrrrgh.

    I had a few login problems with Substack but they got resolved. Their support team is good if you can get to them.

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