Arborescence was my first encounter with the band Ozric Tentacles.

I can remember everything about the day I purchased it. It was a hot Summer’s day. I was young. 20 years of age. The world still felt new. Hope and innocence, my constant companions.

Around this time, I was frequenting New Age shops and had discovered the work of Alfred Watkins. Ley-lines. I was finding myself drawn to Paganism.

I only ever play this album as the warmer weather approaches. I love everything about it.

The artwork still takes me to another world. In fact, it was the cover which attracted me to it, as I had no idea what the music would be like.

I came home. Put the cassette tape into the stereo and for nearly 50 minutes, I was transported into a world I hadn’t been aware I was searching for, however, I knew I had found something very special indeed.

The rocking opener Astro Cortex gave way to the spiritual loveliness of the title track, through to the world beats and ambience of tracks such as Dance Of The Loomi and There’s A Planet Here. In fact, there was something for every part of me in each track. Ed Wynne’s guitar playing was then and still is, incredible to listen to.

This album takes me on a journey, one which I embarked upon back in 1994 and in 2023, I’m still travelling that inner road.

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