Garden Antics

We have quite a few Red Kites that visit us and sit in the tree at the bottom of the garden, however there is one that as soon as I attempt to film him, flies away. None of the others do.

They are magnificent birds, which at one point were on the verge of extinction. They have a distinctive call which is not unlike the sound of someone whistling for their dog at the park.

Anyhow, I took this photo yesterday of the aforementioned elusive Red Kite. You can see that he’s clocked me. He looked me right in the eye before taking to the wing and doing a disappearing act. It was good to finally get a reasonably decent photo of him though. The best things come to those who wait.

On another note. I got myself a transparent feeder, which affixes to the window via strong suction cups. That way, birds can come and feed just a few feet from wherever you’re sitting, so you can enjoy being that close to them as they do their thang.

I have moved the feeder all over the place trying to get them to use it, with no joy. As soon as they see a person on the other side of the window even if you’re sitting there motionless, they’re outta there.

At last, I thought I had found the perfect place for it, which was on the window to the shed so I could watch them from the kitchen window, as there are feeders close by they use. Sadly, they didn’t seem to notice it at all.

So the other day in desperation I placed it on a window which doesn’t show us in direct eye-line of the birds and sadly one on which we likely won’t see them feeding but we want them fed, and that’s the most important aspect of all of this.

Late last night, I looked out and there was what appeared to be an object in the feeder. It was too dark to take a shot and I wasn’t going to use the flash as I feared it would scare whatever was in there.

I tentatively inched closer to the feeder and was surprised that whatever it was, didn’t move away. Closer and closer I got until I was right there next to it.

It was then that whatever was in the feeder was revealed – It was a group of snails revelling in orgiastic excess, blazing a slime trail as they went!!!! Not the use I had originally planned for the feeder however beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. They seemed happy.

By morning, they had moved off and wherever they are now, I hope they feel suitably satiated.

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