A Unique Education System- Gurukul

Another fascinating post from KK which I’m only too happy to share. Now I know where the oft-used term ‘guru’ comes from. Thanks KK.

Kaushal Kishore

In 1822, when there were no normal schools anywhere, there were about 7,32,000 gurukuls across India, one in every village. At that time the literacy rate of India was 97%.

India has a rich tradition in the field of learning and education since ancient times when people from abroad used to come to India to get quality education.

One of the famous education systems prevalent at that time was the Gurukul system. It was a residential school system that originated around 5000 BCE and was more prevalent during the Vedic era.

The word Gurukul is derived from the Sanskrit words guru (teacher) and kul (family). The Gurukul was actually the home of the teacher or Acharya and the centre of learning where the disciples resided until their education was completed.

Everyone in the Gurukul was treated as equal and the Guru and the disciple lived in the same house or…

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