A New Direction

Today marks a new chapter in my life for this blog and a new direction.

I have changed the domain name to The Tuxedo Cat in honour of my beautiful little friend whom I shared some Earth time with and who changed my life forever. She is pictured below.

Her son is laying here right now as I type this. He’s his own person however I can’t deny, she lives on in him and for that, I am very grateful. This is him below, pictured next to his Mum.

And that takes me to the cat I re-homed because I was so smitten with the delightful little Tuxedo cat and her beautiful jet black son. She is pictured below and is also a Tuxedo Cat.

So, welcome to The Tuxedo Cat. Our home on the internet.

What Now?

I had so many plans when I started up this WordPress blog. So many things I wanted to say. Almost none of which has come to fruition. It’s been over a year of aimless blogging. I used to love writing. I can remember the excitement I felt when I paid for it (this blog) and began to set it up, design the layout etc.

One of my earliest recollections was of my mother taking me to visit a friend of hers and in one of the rooms downstairs was a typewriter. I already held a fascination for words and the idea I could sit in front of this machine and set out on paper what was in my imagination just blew my mind.

Then with the advent of the internet, all I did was write. I had various other blogs during that time and websites, you name it. Starting this one up, a more professional vehicle for my writing promised so much yet it’s only led me to dead ends. I’m in a total rut with seemingly no way out.

What now? I just don’t know.

Love Light Life (333)

My moral code is simple and it’s all the L’s.


Is it coming from a place of Love?

Is it going to add more Light to the world?

Is it Life affirming?

If the answer is “Yes” in all three cases then I proceed. If it is not then I don’t.

That’s the code I adhere to.

L is the 12th letter of the alphabet and it sums to 3. 1+2 = 3.

L ove
L ight
L ife


Seeking Direction

My blog has been directionless for a long time and I have thought about closing it down however I set it up with intent and that remains, so here I am once again.

I decided to stop thinking, to let things which need to air come to the surface and I had some very powerful realisations. I am 48, nearly 2/3 of the way through the journey.

I fear death. I can’t see it as it’s still some way off however I know it’s there, looming just over the horizon. I have been thinking about my mark on the world, my legacy and panicking.

I know that I don’t need to worry. The stranger I smile at which lifts their mood and makes them feel that yes, I do wish to stay here keeps me going as does seeing a stranger smile at me.

I have too often felt apart from the world instead of being a part of it.

Writing keeps me sane. It’s no real surprise that my world fell apart when I figuratively put down my pen for a while.

I don’t know what direction this blog will eventually go in or if it will just randomly meander and that’s okay. It will go where it goes.

It’s nice to be back.

Had A Bad Week

Had probably the worst week of my life, this week just gone. I’m not going to go into details however every single person I know away from online has let me down and let me down very badly indeed.

I reached out to several local organisations and every single one of those has let me down as well. Hence why I haven’t been online all that much.

My friend Sharine did not let me down. Probably the one genuine friend I have in this world and in fact, she taught me how to connect with The Source and that helped me massively and got me through.

I felt such a purity of connection that it was mind-blowing. I felt as if the Creator was right there in front of me and all I felt was peace, love, light and truth. Thank you Sharine xx

Anyhow, I am still vertical and sentient and plan to be for some time. The horizontal and unaware however felt greatly alluring last week.

I Haven’t Felt Like Writing

All around me, I see dead people.

Lifeless, hollow people who can no longer think for themselves. All they can do is ape mainstream media narratives. Many falling ill with the ailment they had hoped to protect themselves against.

I was on a train earlier in the week. I was surrounded by fleshed out cadavers. No one spoke. No one made eye contact. It is the UK after all. The legendary British reserve was on display.

How many of these people, under the guise of ensuring no one else’s personal space was invaded by a stray look (thus keeping their eyes fixed either straight ahead or down towards the floor) had an opinion of their own, I found myself wondering?

All but a handful were staring into mobile phone screens. Their eyes glazed and lifeless.

The final destination for the journey on that day, was Hammersmith.

Only 2 men who worked together were smiling and chatting as the passengers spilled out onto the platform. Everyone else was shuffling along, eyes fixed on where they were going. No chatter. No humour. Drones.

Zombies marching to the beat of the elite 1%’s drum. What a silent abysmal racket it is.

The World Is Incomprehensible At Times

I had to liaise with someone yesterday at a company. It turned out the person I was due to be meeting couldn’t speak a single word of English. As it turned out, they also couldn’t comprehend spoken English.

In furtherance to these two not inconsiderable stumbling blocks in our burgeoning business relationship, the person couldn’t read or write English either. They instead pointed to me and then to where I was meant to be going except I had not been there before so I did not know the layout of the business to find my way around.

I tried again however this was met with a blank look from the person in question. A supervisor arrived and then the manager however they couldn’t comprehend the situation because although they could see where this person was pointing for me to go, they couldn’t understand the person’s language.

Someone wholly unsuitable for a customer-facing role was the first port of call for me yesterday within a business setting. A supervisor and a manager weren’t able to comprehend what this person was saying.

Because the person in question is non-White, I knew I couldn’t say anything about it when I should have been able to and so I ended up leaving because I couldn’t understand what was going on and it turned out to be a colossal waste of time for everyone concerned when it didn’t need to be.

The world is thoroughly incomprehensible at times.

So Many Different Shades Of Green

I don’t know if you have heard of them or not but there are spectacles you can buy which enable people who are colour-blind, to see the world as it really is. They are made by a company called Enchroma.

I have watched many videos on YouTube where a friend or family member gives someone they love these Enchroma glasses and the reactions are beautiful. You can often see them sliding them down and back up again, to see the two worlds they are simultaneously inhabiting – the world as others view it and the world they have lived in up until then.

What struck me though is how many of the people talk about the many different shades of green there are. Not the striking red rose on the balcony beside them or the stunning yellow flowers across from them. No, it’s the different shades of green in the one hedgerow or the trees in their field of vision.

I had never thought about the various shades of green all around me. The next nice day weather-wise, I stood outside and at first all I saw was a big block of green but then as I looked, I noticed the various different shades within that. It blew my mind. Why had I not noticed this before?

Then I heard the birds. Not just one continuous background sound but all the various individual birds within that. Before then, I had simply taken them for granted because they were always there I suppose. I made a cup of tea and came back outside. The world was revealing itself anew to my 40+ year old eyes and ears.

When I have tried to tell others about this, some have openly jeered/mocked me while others have looked at me pityingly. Not one person has taken seriously what I have said, as if it’s of little to no importance and perhaps in the grand scheme of things it maybe doesn’t appear so however I feel that if more of us approached the everyday, and some might say, mundane aspects of life with renewed interest I don’t feel that can ever be a bad thing.

Just Another Hack

Welcome to my blog “Just Another Hack.”

If you are expecting to be enlightened then this will probably not be the blog for you however if you fancy reading about subjects pertaining to living on a budget, life hacks, cats, guitar slingers, music, the natural world, words I like, books I’ve read, gardening, armchair travel, health & fitness, poems, as well as general insights from my everyday life, then I think you’ll find something of interest here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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