Ian Moss

I was due to see Ian Moss at a gig tonight in London. I have been so looking forward to it. Unfortunately, due to rail strikes I can’t get there at all. I’m all for the strike action, I just wish it could have been last or next weekend. It doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things. People needing a better living wage is the most important thing.

Anyhow, here is Ian and his latest song. He’s a brilliant musician. I will be there tonight in spirit.

New Guitar

I discovered a few days ago that a guitar was being discontinued because aside from the difference in head-stock shape, it’s the same guitar as another one which costs quite a bit more. It turns out that yes, the more expensive guitar is/was being made by them in their factory. Based on that, I took a punt and bought one.

It arrived today. The strings aren’t very good (too thin for my liking) and will need to be replaced but there the negatives end. What an amazing guitar and not just for the price either. Product details HERE.

Fazley Phynica FSST720 in Olympic White Electric Guitar.

It’s an HSS guitar (Humbucker pickup at the bridge, Single Coil in the middle, Single Coil in the neck position).

It features a basswood body, a maple neck, a roasted maple fingerboard with a 9.5″ radius. 2-point tremolo system with a floating bridge should you need to use the supplied tremolo arm, 22 frets, a bone nut and unbelievable for the money, a rolled fingerboard. The action is low without a trace of fret buzz and the intonation perfect. It plays like a dream. Due to the design of how the neck meets the body of the guitar, it has amazing upper fret access.

This is a guitar which punches well above its weight, which is extraordinary when I consider I paid £87.00 new for it. I cannot stop playing it. A quality instrument. I am well pleased.

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