The Truth Shall Set You Free

Unit 323 found himself looking up at the tower which he had been assigned as per his employment clause. He had refused to take the medicine which had been offered to everyone else. It was the only job available to him.
“Why is it so hard to see the Sun or feel its effects now and what about the radiation coming off these things?” he had enquired of the present yet oddly hidden persona above him.
“You will be adequately protected through the clothing we have provided” was the response.
“Yes, adequately.”
“But I want full protection.”
“You refused to take the medicine.”
“What are you saying, that if I had done so I wouldn’t be here working at this site? I ask, because none of the people who took the medicine are. They are living their lives as they did before, with all their perceived freedoms still in place. Those who are still able to work that is.”
“We are simply stating that the clothing which you have been assigned will offer you adequate levels of protection from any possible radiation that could potentially make its way out.”
“I don’t want merely adequate protection. I want full protection.”
“You refused to take the medicine” came the response.
“I’m not understanding you.”
“What are you not understanding?”
“Are you saying that had I taken the medicine I wouldn’t be working in this environment or are you telling me that taking the medicine would have mitigated the effects from the radiation from these towers?”
“Yes. That is correct.”
“Which part is correct? The former or the latter?”
“If you had taken the medicine you would have full protection.”
“Okay. Let me ask it this way.”
“Are you telling me that had I taken the medicine, I would not be working here and in fact would still have what people are choosing to call their ‘freedoms?’
“That is correct, yes.”
“But how can people be free if those freedoms can be taken away?”
“If people feel they are free then they are.”
“No, that is not true.”
“You are the one who is segregated from society, working in this environment because you chose not to do what everyone else did and you are not free either, have you considered that? We still own you. You just didn’t take the medicine.”
“And I won’t.”
“You will.”
“Why will I?”
“Because without it, you may become ill from the possibility of radiation pumping out from the towers. You are in such close proximity to them after all.”
“Hang on. Are you telling me that the medicine is there to protect us from these towers?”
“I am not saying that at all.”
“Then what are you saying?”
“I am saying that technology moves on and sometimes people get left behind.”
“In other words, follow the money.”
“For us, yes. For you, or at least those of you who obeyed our instructions, it’s about following the herd. We thought after years of visual propaganda through screens, everyone would comply.”
“I won’t.”
“Yes, you will. When you begin to get sick, you will beg us for the medicine and after it has been administered, you will feel free and then you will be.”
On hearing this, Unit 323 gulped and a chill went through him.
Hesitatingly, he continued.
“You didn’t answer my first question.”
“Which was?”
“Why has the Sun been all but obliterated in recent times?”
“Really? You have to ask this?”
“Why won’t you answer?”
“Okay but you won’t be able to handle it.”
“Try me. I might surprise you.”
“Doubtful. You want to know why we have hidden the Sun from everyone?”
“Because The Sun IS The Light of the World and The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

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