A Unique Education System- Gurukul

Another fascinating post from KK which I’m only too happy to share. Now I know where the oft-used term ‘guru’ comes from. Thanks KK.

Kaushal Kishore

In 1822, when there were no normal schools anywhere, there were about 7,32,000 gurukuls across India, one in every village. At that time the literacy rate of India was 97%.

India has a rich tradition in the field of learning and education since ancient times when people from abroad used to come to India to get quality education.

One of the famous education systems prevalent at that time was the Gurukul system. It was a residential school system that originated around 5000 BCE and was more prevalent during the Vedic era.

The word Gurukul is derived from the Sanskrit words guru (teacher) and kul (family). The Gurukul was actually the home of the teacher or Acharya and the centre of learning where the disciples resided until their education was completed.

Everyone in the Gurukul was treated as equal and the Guru and the disciple lived in the same house or…

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Mango Season

I too love mangoes. Beautiful tasting fruit. I enjoyed reading this blog post Kaushal so I have reblogged it for my readers. Have a blessed day my friend.

Kaushal Kishore

Mango season is here once again. All types of mangoes are now available in the market-
Alphonso (Hapus) from Ratnagiri,
Langra from Varanasi,
Chausa from Lucknow,
Dashehri from Lucknow,
Banginapalli from Kurnool
Badami from Karnataka,
Totapuri from Bengaluru,
Safeda from Andhra
Kesar from Gujarat
Malda from Bihar
Himsagar from West Bengal etc.

People are throwing mango parties in this season. India is the land of this juicy fruit called the king of fruits. About 1500 varieties are grown in different parts of India.

The sweet and juicy taste of ripe mangoes is relished by people of all ages. Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as magnesium and potassium. They are a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, and are believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

The sticky texture of mango makes it a great treat to enjoy as juices, drinks or as an…

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Great Backing Track

I discovered a terrific backing track the other day which I’m going to link to in this post.

I decided to jam along with it this morning and it was pretty good except when I played it back, I realised the guitar had detuned enough for it to be unusable.

So I did another and another and another and they were all awful because I was anxious and forcing something good to result.

In the end, I decided to post this resultant jam because although it’s not great, the audio of the backing track cut out midway through for a split second and the recorder decided to stop working at 3 minutes and 33 seconds even though it had plenty of memory left. I took it as a sign that this is the one to go with, however I have opted for a slightly shorter version with fade out as I started to meander towards the end.

I am playing along to a segment of the aforementioned backing track. I kept pretty much to the B Minor Pentatonic guitar scale.


This is me jamming briefly on my guitar this morning. My rig is a heavily modded Squier Strat played through a Marshall CODE 50 amplifier. In the neck/middle pickup position.

My Name

In hospital, I began thinking about of all things, my name. Jonathan, which translates as Yahweh Has Given or in simpler terms, God’s Gift.

Yahweh is the god of the Old Testament. A wrath-filled, tyrannical, condemnatory, hateful, mass-murdering entity.

My middle name is my Dad’s name, a man I have only met a handful of times.

My surname is my Stepdad’s name. I can honestly say that in the 23 years I knew him, I only ever knew kindness. He treated me very well indeed. I was loved and I knew it. It’s also the name my mother took on when she married him so I’m okay with that.

Which leaves me with the so called Christian name and my middle name. How easy is it to slip on a different first name?

A lot of people know me as Jonathan and my Mum will never call me anything else however the association with that moniker is hatred and all I want to reflect back now, is Love.

I Am Rather Curiously Banned From Substack

I wanted to comment on a blog entry to discover I am banned at Substack. I have no idea why. I can appeal via a link however I’m not going to. If they don’t want me there and haven’t given me a reason why they don’t, it’s not somewhere I want to be. I have deleted my Substack account today. If you have a blog there and wonder why I haven’t commented, now you know why.

What Now?

I had so many plans when I started up this WordPress blog. So many things I wanted to say. Almost none of which has come to fruition. It’s been over a year of aimless blogging. I used to love writing. I can remember the excitement I felt when I paid for it (this blog) and began to set it up, design the layout etc.

One of my earliest recollections was of my mother taking me to visit a friend of hers and in one of the rooms downstairs was a typewriter. I already held a fascination for words and the idea I could sit in front of this machine and set out on paper what was in my imagination just blew my mind.

Then with the advent of the internet, all I did was write. I had various other blogs during that time and websites, you name it. Starting this one up, a more professional vehicle for my writing promised so much yet it’s only led me to dead ends. I’m in a total rut with seemingly no way out.

What now? I just don’t know.

Power of One

This is absolutely beautiful Kaushal.

Thank you for sharing.

Kaushal Kishore

Today I came across an interesting story of a jaguar and a hummingbird. According to a legend, there was one day a big fire in the forest. All the animals started fleeing in terror in all directions. One jaguar saw a hummingbird passing over his head again and again, to and fro. He couldn’t control himself and asked the little bird,
“What are you doing?”

“I am going to the lake to drink water with my beak and throw it on the fire to extinguish it,” he answered.

The jaguar laughed, “Are you crazy?
Do you really think that you can put out that big fire on your own with your very small beak?”

“No, I know I can’t. But the forest is my home. It feeds and shelters me and my family. I help the forest grow by pollinating its flowers. I am one of its parts and the…

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Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

I reached a point a couple of weeks back where I felt suicide was the only option left for me. I found the perfect spot. I felt zero fear. Where I hadn’t eaten for 3 or 4 days and hadn’t taken any water in for a couple of days, I was hallucinating those I had loved and lost in my life and as I neared the place I would take my life in the woods, the trees became my safe place and my departed people took their places around me.

As I walked alone for hours leading up to that point and the darkness of the day descended, I sang Eric Clapton songs for company. In particular, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out. I am here now writing this alive although still not in a great place mentally and emotionally however back then, I knew I was walking to my death. Every footstep another step towards the total annihilation of my self. I felt relieved. I felt at peace. I felt immense freedom. Suicide was the one area of my life left where I had some measure of control.

Too many mistakes. Too many missed opportunities. Losing friends and family and with some neighbours not speaking to me at all because I wouldn’t take a jab, preferring the route of natural immunity and bodily autonomy. The sadness palpable that I would never meet my hero, Eric Clapton, who I feel more pride for with each passing day.

I was eventually spotted by a police car, I know not how because I had walked miles away from home, the road I picked and which led to the woodland I was to end my life was pitch black and with no traffic at all up until that point.

Still I am here. I am just taking one day at a time and sometimes, one moment at a time. Tonight, I had a panic attack while sitting in my own kitchen. It came on out of nowhere. I don’t know why I am writing all of this. I just needed to I suppose.

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