Today It Happened

Today it happened. I had a spiritual awakening which is the culmination of 30+ years of seeking and answered every question I have had in relation to the current situation I find myself in, having lost all of my so-called IRL friends, family and even the neighbours who no longer speak with me.

In that moment, I realised 2 things.

1) There is no way I can adequately describe what happened in a way in which others will understand as it goes beyond words, beyond description.

2) Everything which has happened to me, good or ill, was playing out EXACTLY as it had to, for me to reach that point.

What I can explain though is even the most wicked people whom I have encountered, the least spiritual in some ways, each had their own part in helping me evolve on my spiritual journey and in essence, assisting themselves on theirs, whether they are aware of that in this lifetime, or not.

My big takeaway today is I am right where I am supposed to be.

28th April 2022 is my ReBirth Day.

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