We Are Each That Which We Seek

It doesn’t matter who we vote for, who we abstain from voting for. We get the same bunch of reprobates every time. The people could overwhelmingly vote for an Independent party called “The End To War, We Seek Peace” party. They get in and before you know it they would be blowing the shit out of some overseas country or countries, all in the name of ‘democracy’ and also very likely in the Middle East.

That’s because the people we get to vote for, whoever they are, are already selected by the powers that be. In other words, expressly chosen for their ability to bullshit convincingly in the run up to an election and then shill for their hidden puppet-masters once installed.

The game is rigged.

We have seen how the mainstream media has operated these past few years. Only one narrative has been allowed. Same on social media.

The very same with religion. All designed to control, coerce through fear, divide. The best things in life are not free. Slogans and aphorisms are often thinly-disguised platitudinous drivel.

Voting is simply the illusion of choice. It’s a form of consent given by us to them so they can run amok and do as they like, knowing we have given them the nod through the ballot box to do so.

And that’s because we have gotten used to giving away our Divine Rights, our Inner Power to outside forces. We believe that what will advance us is ‘out there’ someplace when everything we need is within.

We are each a spark of the Divine. We don’t need intermediaries who often have their own agenda, to know what is good and/or best for us.

We are each that which we seek. ‘Their’ power is ensuring we never realise that.

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