The Write Way

These past few weeks, I have been experimenting with public domain/royalty free music and loops and putting them together, some of which I have shared here. I have enjoyed it however it doesn’t bring me flow. It’s not something I find straightforward unlike writing which does indeed just flow. I am watching as this page is filling up with words, effortlessly.

I was thinking about getting some guitar pedals or even a keyboard and learning how to create ambient pads and loops within that but when all is said and done, nothing creates flow within me like writing. It’s my first love. I have always been smitten with words, with sentences, with paragraphs, with the literary form and it is that I must come home to.

The Write Way, for want of better words.

I shall continue to do what comes natural for me, which is writing and I can always link to music within what I post. I shall make music in another way. These blog entries becoming songs, books I may go on to write becoming albums and perhaps a collected work where I expound on a particular topic, the by now obligatory box set with ‘bonus tracks’ of ideas I hadn’t until then put down on ‘paper’ as I am doing here.

I feel free as I type this, like a weight has been lifted from me. I was feeling like a beetle rolling a big shit ball on the ground, the terrain getting ever more inconsistent. No more faecal Atlas stones with which to shoulder and apologies there for the scatological references. I must have flow and this is it.

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